Friday, September 26, 2008

~selamat hari raya~

Tinggal beberapa hari jer lagi nak raya..fikir2 rasanya semua dah ready ..
list :
kueh raya-settle
baju raya asiyah-settle
baju melayu hubby-settle
mine- settle

sekarang ni thg nak packing2 balik taun ni it's my hubby turn..hurmm i wish every yr is my turn hahah impossible!

rasanya raya taun ni la paling byk blanja utntuk raya raya cookies sampai 7 jenis belum masuk lagi kek buah la kek lapis srawak la.i also cannot recall when i did e order...
n same goes to aisyah baju raya..all together about 10 pasang!!!! tp bukan beli skali gus campur la ngan hari tu pg bandung sempat la rembat 3,4 helai untuk aisyah..

Erm talking about trip to bandung..after raya i 'll be going to bandung for e 2nd time tis time around ..tis time around i will not bring aisyah also it's not tat i don't want to bring her along but looking at her activeness i'm afraid to take the risk.of losing sight of her..coz i'm sure i'm going to be busy shoppin..but i 'll bring her father..hee.

ermm maybe after tis trip i have to rest for along time for any holiday trip ..yerla next yr we gonna hv new baby comin someway in Mac takkan nak pg holiday bwk baby kecik2 sangat ..belum sesuai kena tggu besar mb 2010 br bileh fikir nak melancung lagi..:)

koleksi bj raya aisyah..

ni baju sedondon i bought for aisyah cousin sin their size is quite e same and kebetulan mmg ada stock so nampak nye sedondon la aisyh ngan cousin dia raya nie..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aisyah play time..


aisyah sekarang ni..memang agak aktif..even her father sometimes cannot control her..if bring her to mall..she will run into any shop and then i'll start screaming..hwaa...but still raising aisyah since she was born until now..i consider her as a good kid..coz..when she was small she seldom cry for 'susu' at night and normally kitorg have a good night sleep...hari tu kitorg pg Cambodia seminggu and left her with her cousin sis in law cakap dia okay senang jaga n pandai bawak diri jer..tido malam pon senang
hopefully adik dia nanti pon baik mcm dia sb mama dia mmg mls bangun malam2 hehehe..

~kiNdneSs is LanGuaGe tHat duMb can sPeaK and DeaF caN heaR & UnDerStand~


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Saturday, September 13, 2008

it's beauty time...

Last Saturday I went to see my ex-customer to pass her something..but as i went there..seeing her lovely faces i decided do facial..been quite sometime i do not have time pampering myself..Since I'm dermalogica user so i prefer to do facial with dermalogica dealers..why because i know dermalogica product is safe for my skin it won't burn or make my skin sensitive..+ got HALAL cert somemore..erm i loved e product..thumbs up! since i bring my sister together ..i got to pay for her bills also..huhuuhu....erm it took us almost 2hrs there..and for tat 2hrs i really sleep like a baby...and for tat treatments it cost me RM130..expensive..ermm nope i think it still reasonable considering i only did it onece in 3 months..muahahhahaha..... tq kak rina for your magic touch..:)
I managed to snap few picture of my sister on tat day..:)
* beauty tips..your skin cycle is also make sure u scrub or exfoliate your skin at least once a mth to get rid of the dead sin cell on your face..tat will prevent ur skin look dull..:)

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

my first language..

~kiNdneSs is LanGuaGe tHat duMb can sPeaK and DeaF caN heaR & UnDerStand~

This is the beggining of me to be in the blogger world..Erm not so much things to say..