Tuesday, September 16, 2008

aisyah play time..


aisyah sekarang ni..memang agak aktif..even her father sometimes cannot control her..if bring her to mall..she will run into any shop and then i'll start screaming..hwaa...but still raising aisyah since she was born until now..i consider her as a good kid..coz..when she was small she seldom cry for 'susu' at night and normally kitorg have a good night sleep...hari tu kitorg pg Cambodia seminggu and left her with her cousin ..my sis in law cakap dia okay senang jaga n pandai bawak diri jer..tido malam pon senang ..hu..hu..
hopefully adik dia nanti pon baik mcm dia sb mama dia mmg mls bangun malam2 hehehe..

~kiNdneSs is LanGuaGe tHat duMb can sPeaK and DeaF caN heaR & UnDerStand~